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Serie D16

2.000 - 67.000 l/h

Vertical single stage centrifugal immersion pump, sealless
and dry-run safe for non-pressurized tank application. With
standard DIN11851 (food/dairy) thread for easy and leak
free connection with pipe work.

Typical applications

Alkaline cleaners
Electroless nickel
High temperatures
Abrasive solutions



•    Robust and reliable
•    Sealless and no bearings
•    Dry-run safe
•    Self priming when flooded
•    Shaft mounted vapour barrier
•    All SS316L construction
•    DIN 11851 (dairy/food) thread connection



•    Nut, seal and liner to complete the DIN11851 union
•    Suction extension pipe
•    Suction strainer
•    Customised mounting plate
•    Electropolished finish
•    Electroless Nickel version


Leaflet D16